Synergy by dictionary definition is an alliance that works together in harmony with each other; a combined effort.

Get Synergized

Our Philosophy


Our mission at Synergy Salon is to synergize your world.


Our vision is to create a synergized experience to consistently meet guest’s needs using Eufora products to customize services. Our goal is to develop long lasting relationships that make each guest feel important while creating beauty above expectations.  Our staff is dedicated to professionalism and educational professional development to create trust and commitment from our guests. You, as our guest, are the energizing force that fuels our passion to listen, understand, and deliver synergistic results.


  • GUEST FIRST - Without a guest, we cannot be us. Guests are fuel to our passion. Their satisfaction is our satisfaction. By giving each guest undivided attention and being responsive to their needs is the key to synergized satisfaction.
  • INTEGRITY - We are committed to above expectation professional standards that build relationships of trust and commitment. We choose to follow principles that enhance our professional and personal behavior.
  • INNOVATION THROUGH TECHNOLOGY - Technological innovation utilizing EUFORA products that have purest ingredients and chemistry that go beyond expectations, delivering the same salon quality experience at home.  We choose to align ourselves with brands that have diversion-free philosophies.
  • EDUCATION – Growth is a constant learning process.  We are committed to strive for higher benchmarks through professional and personal development.
  • UNITED – Personal Wellness, Community, Environment, Society, Diversity. Wellness is key to the relationships we develop in our world. Community leadership is our responsibility. Environmentally conscious minimizing the negative imprint on Earth. We conduct ourselves in a synergistic manner to have a greater impact on humanity.


Our Team